Klaus Decker Colours of Noon / Dusk / Midnight Series

Berlin based artist Klaus Decker explores the marginal areas of paintings. With the choice of his picture carriers (MDF, multiplex, cardboard, laid paper, plexiglass) as well as the motivic and technical elements, he creates a specific language that transcends the limits of conventional painting and questions the traditional composition of the picture. However, there is always a precise coordination with regard to the content of the image and the size of the motif, as well as in terms of material, shape and color, in order to achieve exciting and surprising puzzle games with perception. Another essential element that shapes his art is serial thinking. In order to approach his topics, he mainly works in series of works that vary and explore formal and content-related aspects. What unites all the works despite their formal and material differences is a form of expression that makes the influence of chance and conscious artistic decisions equally tangible, and raises fundamental questions about the perception and understanding of art.

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    Klaus Decker
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