The Fourth Pole

The installation ‘Der Vierte Pol’  (‘The Fourth Pole’) takes us on an expedition made by the artists to claim an unexplored terrain. The Fourth Pole is – in contrast to the Third Pole Mount Everest – the lowest dry point on the Earth. Located in an area that was previously part of the Dead Sea, the Fourth Pole is the result of the shrinking Dead Sea level. Hensche and Wirsching explore the post-apocalyptic landscape equipped with instruments traditionally used for territorial expansion as well as contemporary technology of surveillance and warfare. Thus ‘The Fourth Pole’ unfolds a timeless narrative that investigates territorial sovereignty as well as the desire to become an explorer in a widely documented and recorded world. 

We provided a series of silkscreen-printed announcement posters for the exhibition. The Posters are an abstract visualization of the artists expedition to the 4th Pole, the lowest point on earth. The cross grid serves as a reference to the mapped landscape whereas the two blue dots represent the two artists on their journey. The dots were printed in separate print runs, creating a series of posters localizing the artists in different places on their path to the 4th Pole. 

  • Client
    Gabriel Hensche und Julia Wirsching, Tomke Braun
  • Year
  • Curation
    Tomke Braun
  • Artists
    Julia Wirsching and Gabriel Hensche
  • Host
    Burrow, Berlin
  • Poster edition
  • Print
    Silk-screen print at Handsiebdruckerei Kreuzberg
  • Awards
    Tokyo TDC (2017)