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The Henry Dunant Museum is the only museum worldwide dedicated to the life and work of the visionary founder of the international Red Cross and the Geneva Conventions – Henry Dunant. Heiden was Henry Dunant's (1828-1910) home for the last 18 years of his life. This village in the Appenzell, famed for its neoclassical architecture, was an internationally renowned resort. This is where he wrote his memoirs. At 800  l, with a view onto Lake Constance and beyond the border, he developed his idea for a more peaceful world and an international court of justice. In 1901, in Heiden, he received word that he had become the first person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The museum dedicated to Dunant is located in the building in which he lived out his days as a reclusive pensioner until his death on 30 October 1910.

The new identity of the Henry Dunant Museum was conceived in 2021 and adapted to various carrier media. The museum's goal was to reposition itself in the digital space and visually repurpose its rich content. The overarching narrative links all media and areas in the context of the museum. In doing so, the work and worldviews of Henry Dunant were transferred into a visual language. Henry Dunant's large fund of content was placed in a branching network to each other. These first considerations resulted in a cosmic representation of diverse aspects in different times and spaces. The cosmos as a narrative links Dunant's work and thinking with contemporary impulses in an interplay of far-and-near. The website allows the viewer to move from one impulse to the next, becoming a never-ending process. The overarching narrative is supported by rounding off navigational elements and adding a spatial feel to design elements. In addition to the spherical representation, two typefaces were designed, revealing both a contemporary and a historical time period. The design and development of the website was the first implementation of the visual concept.

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