The exhibition Schlosskinder, which translates as ‘castle children,’ focuses on the neglected chapter in the history of the baroque Molsdorf Castle and its temporary use as Rosa Luxemburg, a children’s home from 1951 to 1958. The typeface developed for the exhibition, consisting of elegant strong forms, harkens to the baroque while integrating formal aspects of the children’s home. The letters in which the interior shapes are rounded and playful set a contrast to the elegant appearance of the typeface.

The exhibition graphics and publication of SCHLOSSKINDER connect the past with the present typographically. Historical imagery and facts about "Rosa Luxemburg" are shown in combination with the custom typography while the modern grotesk typeface sets a strong contrasts to the historical layer. The exhibition publication includes an interview and documentation artwork by the Mats Staub with the historic photo album showing the life of the children during the 50s at the Mosldorf Castle. 

  • Client
    Kunsthalle Erfurt Silke Opitz
  • Year
  • Institutions
    Kunsthalle Erfurt, Schloss Molsdorf
  • Curation
    Silke Opitz
  • Editors
    Silke Opitz and Landeshauptstadt Erfurt
  • Text und editing
    Silke Opitz
  • Artists
    Mats Staub
  • Copyediting
    UNGER-KUNZ. Lektorat und Redaktionsbüro GbR
  • Reproductions, Printing and Binding
    DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH
  • ISBN
  • Publisher
    Revolver Publishing
  • Support by
    Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Thüringen
  • Awards
    TDC Tokyo (2020)