Zwei Räume für sich alleine

The exhibition series “Zwei Räume für sich Allein” attempts to capture not only the biography but also the personality of Maria von Gneisenau as an author and a woman in the process of emancipation, and to reflect on her life and times through contemporary artistic approaches and media. A cabinet show sheds light on her biography and literary achievements. In parallel with the show on the countess, changing exhibitions of works by international contemporary artists and designers are featured in the Tower Room in the palace’s east wing, immediately adjacent to the countess’s marble bathroom. Gouaches, collages, silver objects, photographs and installations by Delphine Courtillot, Jorge Chamorro, Wiebke Meurer and Sarah Westphal have been carefully selected for this historic setting and context, or in some cases specially developed for the show. The exhibition series are accompanied by a publication presenting the latest research on the life and work of the countess (and her correspondence with Rilke), the architectural history of her two special rooms at Molsdorf Palace, and the current artworks on view.

  • Client
    Silke Opitz
  • Year
  • Institution
    Kunsthalle Erfurt, Schloss Molsdorf
  • Curation
    Silke Opitz
  • Editors
    Silke Opitz and Landeshauptstadt Erfurt, Stadtverwaltung
  • Text and editing
    Silke Opitz
  • Artists
    Delphine Courtillot, Jorge Chamorro, Wiebke Meurer, Sarah Westphal
  • Translations
    Jennifer Taylor (German–English), Ton Haak (Dutch–English)
  • Copyediting
    Anja Breloh (German), Sylee Gore, Japhet Johnstone (English)
  • Reproductions, Printing and Binding
    DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH
  • ISBN
  • Publisher
    Revolver Publishing
  • Support by
    Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Thüringen, Helaba Landesbank HEssen-Thüringen, Luca School of Arts
  • Awards
    Tokyo TDC (2017), Shortlist Schönste Deutsche Bücher (2017), Design Biennale Brno (2018), German Design Award Nomination (2018)