On Movement

On Movement was an exhibition hosted by Burrow. The intention of the exhibition at Burow was to engage the studio space temporarily, inviting artists to present their take on the concept of movement. For this exhibition, the two artists respectively present the viewer with interpretations of the deconstruction of movement. Whereas Benjamin Skop presents a study of the abstraction of the human body into a self-developed movement classification system RAAP (Right Angled Arm Positions), Francisco Regalado’s work relies heavily on digital tools to translate the ~0.60 second movement of a skateboard in space into a physically manifested sculpture on the gallery floor. Movement is inseparable from life: even stillness is in motion.

We designed the visual identity accompanying the exhibition On Movemenet No.1. The exhibition was promoted by a series of 

silkscreen-printed announcement posters and a series of leaflets. For this exhibition the two artists present the viewer with interpretations of the deconstruction of movement. (De)construction of the word movement is visualized through constantly shifting and tilting the silk screen while printing different layers on paper. Thus, the actual process of printing a poster becomes the main design element. We worked with four different rotation angles, two screens, and four print runs each, generating a total of four poster variations. The blue information layer remains static while the customized black type is placed to overlap the previous layer systematically, creating the illusion of moving sideways.

  • Client
    Self hosted Exhibition with Yolandé Gouws
  • Year
  • Concept and curation by
    Yolandé Gouws
  • Artists
    Francisco Regalado and Benjamin Skop
  • Venue
  • Print
    Silk-screen print at Burrow
  • Awards
    Tokyo TDC (2018), TDC New York (TDC64), Design Biennale Brno (2018)