The Fourth Pole

As the highest point on earth, Mount Everest is also called the third pole. The fourth pole is therefore logically the lowest continental point. The pole has emerged in its present form due to the steady decline of the Dead Sea and is located in the West Bank in Palestine. On a terrain shaped like no other by decades of political struggle. The multiscriptual diary of the artist’s expedition to the fourth pole is typeset in four different languages – English, German, Arabic and Hebrew. The book consists of an introductionary text, a diary and various imaginative pole drawings by the two artists. The publication has two identical starting points – front- and backcover. English and German, which is usually read from left to right, starts out on the left side, while Arabic and Hebrew start out from the right side. We designed the reading journey so that each language system leads towards the middle, where the four languages all meet at the pole. The book opens up a space of imagination that is less defined by national – than by topographical and autobiographical coordinates.

  • Client
    Julia Wirsching and Gabriel Hensche
  • Year
  • Co-authored
    Julia Wirsching and Gabriel Hensche
  • Diary Text and Drawings
    Julia Wirsching and Gabriel Hensche
  • Introductory Text
    Tomke Braun
  • Translations
    Yasmeen Daher (English/Arabic), Shirly Eran (English/Hebrew), Carola Kleinstück-Schulman (German/English)
  • Text Editing
    Julian Bogenfeld
  • Copyediting
    Katharina Kunz (German/English), Hasan Solanun Melongena (Arabic), Shirly Eran (Hebrew)
  • Printing and Binding
    DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH and silk-screen print at Burrow
  • Publisher
    Edition Taube
  • ISBN
  • Funding
    Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg
  • Awards
    TDC New York (TDC66)