Nine Constructionists

“The Nine Constructionists represent a new wave that thinks about architecture in relation to its physicality, its materials and its construction. Derived from the Latin word cōnstruō—con meaning "together" and struo meaning to "pile up, arrange; build, erect"—the term "construction" implies an act of drawing together, a process that occurs alongside the making of physical objects. For the architect, construction is as much about the theory behind the spatial relationships or material decisions as it is about the act of combining materials. In the same way, the Nine Constructionists are also concerned with the dynamic temporality of materials moving through the construction process, and not solely with the physical process of construction making. This emphasis on the construction of architecture produces an effect of transience, of things in the process of being built or dismantled.“

For the final post-professional thesis exhibition 2018 at Princeton School of Architecture, we developed the visual language accompanying their exhibition „Nine Constructionists“ comprising the works of nine emerging young architects. Our aim was to form a spatial perception through the construction of perspective and surface. Instead of building a physical object, we stayed with the tools we know best, typography. By dynamically arranging and distorting the title we built an imaginary exhibition room. The vanishing point is set in the middle of the poster while the axis opens the room outwards gathering the ongoers attention.

  • Client
    Princeton Architecture
  • Year
  • Client
    Princeton University, School of Architecture
  • Curated by
    Samuel Clovis and Gillian Shaffer
  • Post-Professional thesis students
    Leen Katrib, Juan Salazar, Yujun Mao, Eda Yetim, Isidoro Michan Guindi, Kyle Schumann, Kate Bilyk, Gillian Shaffer, Samuel Clovis
  • Print
    Handsiebdruckerei, Berlin
  • Print
    Silk-screen print at Handsiebdruckerei Kreuzberg