I am here now

Due to Covid-19 fear and anxiety still prevail and it feels difficult to take any positives from the situation. When we turn towards the concept of crises, we mean to focus on our pre-Covid understanding of it, yet reading it in the light of what we have learned and vice versa: How could we draw on our understanding of crises as a resource during the pandemic? How has our experience of lockdown and social distancing given us space to let crises be a part of our lives, and to give space to admitting needs and vulnerability? Crises are turning points in which we fully understand that things need to change, and that whether we want them to or not, they will. Our social behaviour and the balance between human and nature has been shifted due to Covid-19. Social distancing and isolation have become necessary rules; they force us to face the question of life and death. I Am here now / Ich im Hier & Jetzt is a series of initiations that invert notions of the living and the dead, the live and the inanimate, “awakening” the commemorative architecture at Diakonie Landgut Holzdorf.

  • Client
    IDOLONSTUDIO (Union of European Asian Artists)
  • Year
  • Curator
    Chun-chi Wang
  • Artists
    Ting Chang-Wen, Kang Ya-Chu, Chiu Chen-Hung (Installations) & Audrey Chen, Yuko Kaseki, Shingo Inao, Dominique Baron-Bonarjee (Performances)
  • Autors
    Chun-chi Wang, Julia Gwendolyn Schneider
  • Funding
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C (Taiwan) Kulturabteilung der Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, and Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
  • Venue
    Diakonie Landgut Holzdorf, Kunstfest Weimar