Carlos Matter

The Henry Dunant Museum is the only museum worldwide dedicated to the life and work of the visionary founder of the international Red Cross and the Geneva Conventions – Henry Dunant. Heiden was Henry Dunant's (1828-1910) home for the last 18 years of his life. The museum dedicated to Dunant is located in the building in which he lived out his days until his death on 30 October 1910.

The publication series for Dunant Museum provide an overview of the happenings within the cosmos of Henry Dunant. Each publication sheds light on different aspects surrounding Dunant’s endeavors and views in recurring halve-yearly cycles. The brochures link Dunant's work and thinking with contemporary impulses and function as a navigational help for the interested audience. The artistic displays and collective consciousness are linked with historical trajectories, and Dunant’s philanthropic worldview. Each publication is subject to a statement by Dunant, opening a dialogue and initiating a process of contemplation.

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    Carlos Matter
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    Kaba Rössler & Nadine Schneider (General management Dunant Museum)
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    Christine Rabus
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    Druckerei Lutz AG