Crisis of Now – Part III

Contemporary Asian Photography is an exhibition series that takes a close look at contemporary culture and art practice from Asian artists’ perspectives. The exhibitions concentrate on specific pieces of history and life experiences, but also attempt to construct or discover relationships between historical contexts from varied perspectives. Specifically, they make observations either from different geographical locations synchronously, or from the same location at different times. The personal experiences and collective consciousness are linked with multiple historical trajectories charted by the vicissitudinal political and social forces. In Part III of the Crisis of Now series presents photographic works by three contemporary Taiwanese artists, Wei-Li YEH, LIU Ho-Jang and CHENG Ting-Ting, revealing their idiosyncratic personal trajectories and closely connected forms of memory. What, in previous crises, is proved helpful for us? What do we learn from the artists regarding future experiences of destabilization and vulnerability? How do we seek the support we need?

The publication includes a series of texts: “Fragments of Time: Wei-Li YEH’s Three Places, for Marguerite Duras (2003 to 2006)” by Julia Gwendolyn Schneider, “The Genealogy of Defect: LIU Ho-Jang’s B-5 Project” by Chen-Han YANG, and “An Alternative Narrative of Taiwan: Ting-Ting Cheng’s Lonely Planet Taiwan” by SHEN Bo-Wie.

  • Client
    IDOLONSTUDIO (Union of European Asian Artists)
  • Year
  • Curator
    Chun-chi Wang
  • Artists
    HOU Lulu Shur-Tzy, TING Chaong-Wen, I-Hsuen CHEN
  • Translation
    Sylvie Lin
  • Authors
    Chun-Chi WANG, HUANG Sun-Quan, JIAN Tzu-Chieh, CHANG Shih-Lun
  • Funding
    Ministry of Culture of Taiwan Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government
  • Venue
    Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture
  • Awards
    Tokyo TDC (2021), TDC New York (TDC68) (series)