Open Society on Tour

"100 years of the Weimar Republic, 70 years of the Basic Law, 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall - history shows that our society is capable of improvement. What once sounded completely utopian is now taken for granted: from rights of personal freedom to peace in a united Europe. Unfortunately, however, this simple knowledge quickly gets lost. Pessimism and discouragement determine the current debates far too much". – Open Society e.V. (in German: Offene Gesellschaft e.V.

What country do we want to be? With this question in mind, the Open Society is touring through Germany. The initiative asks for good ideas and new thoughts not only in Bochum and Aachen but also in Finsterwalde and Passau. Through a network of local groups and initiatives, debates, workshops and art actions are organised in the respective tour locations.

Five modules plus an opening module are clustered into different privileges, such as freedom of expression, freedom of the press or freedom of assembly, which we enjoy and which we must defend. The privileges of an open society are communicated interactively: For example, visitors can experience how equal opportunities in Germany behave at an XXL marble track; or they press protest buttons to generate loud attention and underline our right to be on the streets. We provided them with the key visuals and the visual identity and helped finish the exhibition concept. 

  • Client
    facts and fiction
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  • Creative Direction
    facts and fiction
  • Touring cities
    Schwerin, Görlitz, Mannheim, Bochum, Auen in Bewegung und Auf Anfang! Festival, Finsterwalde, Artlake Festival, Erfurt, Neukölln Open Festival, Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg, Aachen, Passau, Chemnitz, Berlin