Gabriel Henschel - Incident Reports

Artist Gabriel Hensche and curator Ashlee Conery have compiled a catalogue of the work Hensche produced while in residence at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, in 2017. The publication includes witness reports that are formally based on actual incident report forms. Adopting the posture of an onlooker, while at the same time acknowledging his role as instigator, Hensche recounts observations of his works as incidents by taking into account the involvement of people and circumstances that led to the events. These protocols are concluded with a final report by Conery in which she adopts the conditions of a mother, a partner and a particle for considering one’s own perspective when acting as a witness, a curator or a bystander.

The publication was printed in a total four different print runs with three different printing techniques. The Offset printing technique was used for the blank incident reports and for the material accompanying the incidents. A laser printer was used to fill out each report with its respective informational layer. And the 6-paged cover was printed on the silkscreen press.

  • Client
    Incident Reports
  • Year
  • Client
    Gabriel Hensche
  • Co-authored
    A.B. Convery and Gabriel Hensche
  • Publisher
    Verlag Für Moderne Kunst
  • Support by
    Stiftung CCFA Karlsruhe
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