The publication Geopolitics is part of a exhibition identity for the exhibition series of the same name. The project initiated by curator Chun-chi Wang (IDOLONSTUDIO) is conducted within the field of art; producing and presenting artworks related to and investigating geopolitical borders. 

The multisciptual publication reads from both sides and includes a series of texts in Arabic and English. The offset printing on the inside pages was done on one paper type; the white side with four colors (CMYK) for the imagery and the green side with black (K) for the texts. The magenta elastic band holding it all together can be shifted from left to right changing languages and starting points. Therefore the publication has two covers, one English and one Arabic one. The green finish on the cover is hand silkscreen printed  in our own workshop and references the layout of the artwork shown inside. 

The first exhibition was shown In Al Madina Theater, Beirut, Lebanon during November 29–Dec 19, 2021. The exhibition project is part of the larger series „Contemporary Art from Taiwan—Exhibitions, Screenings, Publications“, in which three artists were invited: CHEN Shiau-Peng, TING Chaong-Wen and LIU Ho-Jang. The presented artworks deal with geopolitics and broader questions of aesthetics and politics. We were invited 

  • Client
    IDOLONSTUDIO (Union of European Asian Artists)
  • Year
  • Print
  • Cover
    Silkscreen finish