Crisis of Now – Part II

Contemporary Asian Photography is an exhibition series that takes a close look at contemporary culture and art practice from Asian artists’ perspectives. The exhibitions concentrate on specific pieces of history and life experiences, but also attempt to construct or discover relationships between historical contexts from varied perspectives. Specifically, they make observations either from different geographical locations synchronously, or from the same location at different times. The personal experiences and collective consciousness are linked with multiple historical trajectories charted by the vicissitudinal political and social forces. In Part II of the Crisis of Now series three Taiwanese artists—I-Hsuen CHEN, HOU Lulu Shur-Tzy and TING Chaong-Wen present their contemporary photography through multi-cultural observations. 

The publication includes a series of texts: an essay written by CHANG Shih-Lunby, “Between Transparency and Blur”; HUANG Sun-Quan, “Out of Place—HOU Lulu Shur-Tzy and Her Trilogy on Kaohsiung Military Dependents’ Villages”; JIA Tzu-Chieh, “A Pleat in Tainan City Hall (Minzhi). On TING Chaong-Wen’s Photographic Works Prophet and North”.

  • Client
    IDOLONSTUDIO (Union of European Asian Artists)
  • Year
  • Curator
    Chun-chi Wang
  • Artists
    HOU Lulu Shur-Tzy, TING Chaong-Wen, I-Hsuen CHEN
  • Translation
    Sylvie Lin
  • Authors
    Chun-Chi WANG, HUANG Sun-Quan, JIAN Tzu-Chieh, CHANG Shih-Lun
  • Funding
    Ministry of Foreign AffairsRepublic of China (Taiwan), Kulturabteilung der Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
  • Venue Support
    UNO St. Claude Gallery, PhotoNOLA Festival (New Orleans, LA, USA)
  • Awards
    Tokyo TDC (2021), TDC New York (TDC68) (series)