Chapter One

Cyrill Matter was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. He spent the early years of his career in New York before moving back to Europe. He is working as a portrait and fashion photographer around the globe. He has enjoyed working for publications like GQ, Vanity Fair USA, L’Uomo Vogue or Das Magazin. This love for a haptic object is also why he decided to produce ‘Chapter One’, so that he and others could review and share his work to date while holding it in their hands – in time, and as his work evolves, chapters two, three etc. will follow. For Matter, photography ultimately belongs not on a screen but in print. The book ‘Chapter One’ is a collection of images that communicates Matter’s values as a photographer: carefully crafted shots, the chemistry of each meeting between photographer and subject, his evolving skills and to trust in simplicity, honesty and intuition. Creating an ensemble that speaks for itself.

Cyrill Matter’s exhibition 2018 at Trace Gallery was an opportunity to redesign his visual identity. A new Website and visuals were executed to match with his first extensive publication „Chapter One“ summarising the last five years of his career.

  • Client
    Cyrill Matter
  • Year
  • Texts by
    Cyrill Matter, Thomas Gibbons, Ernst Schubert, Claudia Jaeh, Allan Kennedy, Thomas Hayo, Carlos Matter
  • Print
    DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH