Light Interdiction

In the post-industrial techno city we are surrounded by light, whether emanating from traffic lights, flashing neon signs or the infinite screens of gadgets and communications devises which generate light but suck inwards our psychic energies into an infinite but concealed matrix of ones and zeros. Light is everywhere. It is so omnipresent that we can scarcely register natural sources of light, as they are no longer natural to us. A case in point: in 1994, when an earthquake knocked out a power grid in Los Angeles, city residents called 911 to report “a giant silvery cloud” hovering overhead—ie. The Milky Way. In the exhibition „Light Interdiction” of the larger series „Installation and Performances” four Taiwanese artists were invited—Tao Ya-Lun, Fujui Wang, Wu Chi-Tsung and Li-Ping Ting—to present original performances and explore new forms, new dialogues and new reflections. The exhibition was part of Kunstfest Weimar 2019 and was held at E-Werk Weimar: a former power station and tram depot, built in 1897 by Siemens & Halske supplying Weimar with electricity and trams.

  • Client
    Idolon Studios
  • Year
  • Curator
    Chun-chi Wang
  • Artists
    Tao Ya-Lun, Fujui Wang, Wu Chi-Tsung, Liping Ting
  • Autors
    Chun-chi Wang, Chi-Ming Lin, Ron Hanson, Gabriele de Seta, Julia Gwendolyn Schneider, Serge Pey
  • Funding
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of China (Taiwan), Kulturabteilung der Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
  • Venue
    E-Werk, Weimar
  • Awards
    TDC New York (TDC66)