Coulisse Gallery Stockholm

Coulisse is an Art Gallery based in Stockholm. From the beginning the gallery’s focus was to present young, cutting-edge artists and designers, from Scandinavia and beyond.
Alongside exhibitions Coulisse Gallery, together with collaborators, also initiates events to bring a vibrant energy to the Stockholm art scene.

Working closely with the Gallery we designed their visual identity along side with the layout and programming of their website.
The visual Identity of the website relies on the three key elements; heavy typeface, light background grid and the overlaying clip-masked images of art pieces, which provide a very different feel depending on the artists work. While the grid is structuring the pages and gives depth to the content, the heavy type in combination with the overlaying image provides it a bit of a more playful touch and creates a variation through-out different subpages. The navigation aligned on the bottom plays along with the grid and allows for a lot of headspace and flexibility for the content, while also more accessible on mobile devices. Each page type is laid out very different but are also following the rules of the three basic elements.

  • Client
    Coulisse Gallery, Filip Zeciak
  • Year
  • Website
  • Tools
    React, Next, Vercel, Storyblok